Life is about TRUSTING our feeling and TAKING CHANCES, LOSING and FINDING HAPPINESS, APPRECIATING the memories and LEARNING from the past... Let's together ask ALLAH to help us for not wasting the life we have.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to the new world

Assalamualaikum... I’m back and here is my new look. Well at first, I decided not to change it because I like the way it was. Actually, cuz I like black. Why not? Black is awesome, fantastic, stylish, simple, and whatever cool things human can think about. But yeah, now I changed my mind. I just choose to switch my favourite colour from black to anything light. Why? Because starting now, I wanted to change my personality. I mean, change my life to the better one.

Last night, I just found something miracle happening to me. I was reading koran when ‘something’ asked me to read the meaning of the very next verse where I was reading. It was Al-Qasas: 77.

"And seek for the good in the hereafter with the (wealth) which Allah has bestowed on you, but forget not the portion of lawful enjoyment in this world; and do good things as how Allah has been good to you, and seek not mischief in this land. Verily, Allah doesn’t like the Mufsidun (those who commit great crimes and sins, oppressors, tyrants, mischief-makers, and corrupters)."

After reading it, I really had decided that I wanted to change the way of my life. I do… Yes, I do… I want to forget every burning things before. Khassah… Yes, I am going to learn to forget about it.

Allah, You know… I’m weak… I’m totally weak… And there is nothing that I can do without Your help. You are everything.

O Allah, I wanted to change my life… Please, help me to turn my sadness into kindness, my uniqueness into strength. There is nobody who has the ability except You. Please Allah… You are my only hope.

Allah… if You let me, I’ll be the princess of the day tomorrow. So, I really have to change my life. I‘ll start a very new life with You by my side. O Allah, I do need You so.

To everybody who I ever know or not, this is me in my new life. I hope I'll change. I don't wanna cry much anymore. I wanted to face this life with full happiness. I'll try to take a rossy view to myself after this. And I'll try to accept everybody in my life no matter who they are. Anyway, welcome to the new world of mine.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Basyirah, it is tomorrow..."

This is a true story what was happening to me yesterday night. It is when I was having a sleep and I was slumbering tightly. I mean no disturbance. As long as I remember, I don’t have any night dreaming last night. Kind of a solemn sleep I think. But honestly, I’m going to say I heard a voice whispering to my right ear. A very clear and caring voice. The voice said, “Basyirah, it is tomorrow…” I thought it was my dad cuz that voice seems like it was a man. As I heard that voice, I began to open my eyes slowly and said, “What, who’s that?” I rose up my leaned body on my bed. I took a very sharp look around me. Hell yeah, there was nobody in my room ‘cept Hamizah (my lil sister) who was sleeping beside me. I took a look around me for the second time, wondering if I was mistaken. But I was not. It was really nobody there.
Who’s that voice came from? Nor did I care! What I really care is, what’s happening tomorrow. I took a look at the clock, which is hanging on the wall. It was sharp half past three in the morning. O Allah, I was totally blocked. I didn't know what to do. I really couldn’t stop thinking what is going to happen the day after.
Later than a few seconds, tears began to flow down my cheeks. I sobbed loudly. I quickly walked out of my room when I realized my sobbing just disturbed my sister to sleep. I went downstairs then I cried alone. I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I felt like wanted to shout over my lungs. Suddenly, something just tells me that khassah is going to start tomorrow. Then I know why I cried so hard ‘til I couldn’t tell. I was just about to forget ‘bout khassah. But now, I’m ‘bout to remember it again. I really feel a big hard pain in my heart until now. Damn, that hurts a lot. I felt my heart was just like going to explode.
I took my koran cuz I know that was the only way to make me stop those damn tears. But I didn’t read it because I felt like to weak to do so. I just ‘landed my lips’ on it for a few times and hugged it as tight as I could. This continued about 30 minutes! Then, I began to be OK. I went back upstairs and I did what I supposed to.

It was just a few minutes to reach 5 o’clock when I began to get tired then I slept again.
When I woke up for subuh, I still could remember how the voice sounds like. And, I can really feel how its breath blowing my ears until now.
Anyway, I don’t care about it much. I just couldn’t imagine how I’m going to feel so losing for not continuing my studies in khassah.
O Allah, I’m begging You… Please do show me what is the best. If khassah is not the best for me, please…… do let me forget about it. You know that I’m not very strong to face this thing anymore. Please Allah, I’m begging You.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Attention please

There is something I really wanted to say.
Yes, I really want to say this...
And this is from my heart.
It is not something that make anybody sad
or disappointed
but this is just something sincerely from me.
I want to
congratulate them
who have the chance to study in khassah.
Well, congratulations...

I am going to celebrate it for all of you
Yes, I am
I bet...
If Allah let me live more longer.
it'll be the celebration day
and of course the day will be
full of happiness
No cry...
No sadness...
No depressing...
No gloomy...
No heartbreaking..
Just happiness.
Special for all of you

May Allah help you all,

other muslims

and me

in D&T


O Allah, I'm smiling...

O Allah, it is quite a long period when I didn’t feel the real pleasure of smiling. Now, I am smiling and I love it so much. I promise to myself not to cry over the problem I'm facing right now anymore. At this moment, I notice there is still a wonderful life with me. I am amazed on how you created this life to make the humans happy.
Allah... Last night when I look deeply at the charming bright stars floating in the sky, I can feel something special that You gave me. Yes, I sense Your love in my heart. Your love is there all the time to make me smile. I didn’t even realize it was there anymore but actually, it is. I can feel that You are always with me no matter what. And that feeling just make me smile again.
O Allah, Thanks for accompanying me when I am alone. Thanks for always listening to me when I am sad. Thanks for understanding me when I am disappointed. Thanks for hugging me when I lose hope. Thanks for always holding my hands tightly to show me the way where I suppose to go on. Thanks for never living me alone at my wits’ end. Thanks for never turn Your back on me even when I turn my back on You. And finally, thanks for everything (what is and what was).
O Allah, after You allow me to choose what I wanted, You let my heart began to accept the reality that is happening around me. Thank you for helping me to choose my right decision cuz after that, I began to start putting a happy smile on my face. With my wholehearted faith in you, I’m going to leave everything in Your hand.
Umi and Abah, you always try your best for my goodness ‘til I don’t know how to thank you both. Sorry if I had make your heart broken for not listening to your opinion. I know I’m a quite hard-headed person. I’m deadly sorry for that. After this, I’ll be always ready accepting whatever from you both. O Allah, please forgive all of my sins and my parents too. And please do love them as how they loved me when I’m little.
Ciwan, yesterday I just told you that I feel like wanted to go to the moon and shout to everyone that I am smiling. Well, glad to say this to you…. I am on the moon now and of course I’m totally blissful.
Aliya, thanks for giving me strength to continue my life no matter how hard it is. I know you are quite unhappy to know I was depressing yesterday. Anyway, let’s together smile now because now I am.
Khaulah, thanks for your believing. You’ve pray for me and trust me that I can bring myself wherever I go. Take good care of Matri and I hope for you the best, Insha-Allah… For your information, now I'm smiling to my ears.
Kak Maisarah, thanks for spending your time for me even you are in New Zealand. You have to know that I’m very glad to have a sister like you. Well, you don’t have to worry for me much because now I’m okay. I'm smiling already. Thank you so much.
Finally, to those who ever pray for me, worried about me, or gave me force to face my life though it is just a little even I didn’t notice it, thank you very, very much for being nice to me. I’ll remember your kindness as long as I live, insha-Allah…

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Khassah ker huh??

Nak khassah.. tak nak khassah.. nak khassah.. tak nak khassah......... Aaaaa!!! macam mana ni? nak masuk khassah ke tak ni?

"Khassah mula bila, Aliya?"

"Isnin depan... Anti jadi masuk khassah tak?"

Terdiam... Tak tau nak jawab. Tiba-tiba, terdengar pula adik ana Ridwan menyanyikan nasyid 'Muhasabah Cinta'.

Argghh.. lagu tu. Lagu tu membuatkan ana terimbas balik kenangan di Matri. Tanpa disedari, air mata dah mula mengalir ke pipi.

"Aliya..." sambung ana..

"Rasa rugi sangat kalau tak masuk khassah. Nak balik Matri.. Nak balik Matri.."

Terus.. Aliya pula terdiam.. (terfikirkan sesuatu)

Ana terus sambung menangis... Sungguh ana maksudkan, rasa rugi sangat kalau tak masuk khassah.. Rasa rugi sangat kalau tak masuk Matri..

Terus ana sambung menangis.

"Nak Matri.. Nak Matri.."

Tiba-tiba... ana terfikir sorang-sorang..

"Aku nak Matri, tapi khassah?? Aku betul-betul nak khassah ke?"

Buntu... Keliru... Tak tau nak buat macam mana. Pilih khassah atau tak?

Ya Allah!! Sesungguhnya aku ni terlampau lemah. Dan aku nak minta tolong pada Engkau lagi, Ya Allah. Tolonglah aku... Bagilah pada aku apa yang terbaik untuk aku. Andainya khassah tu yang terbaik buatku, Kau mudahkanlah urusanku ke arah itu, Kau izinkanlah aku ke sana, Kau gerakkanlah hati aku untuk masuk khassah tanpa ragu-ragu, dan tolong jangan biarkan apa-apa pun yang menghalang aku mengejarnya.

Tapi.... Tapi... Andainya... khassah tu bukan yang terbaik untuk aku, aku mohon dan aku rela walaupun hal ni berat bagi aku... Kau tolonglah ubah hati aku supaya aku tidak mengharap lagi untuk ke khassah, Kau halanglah aku ke arah itu, dan tolong bukakanlah peluang aku untuk memilih apa yang terbaik untuk aku.

Tolonglah, Ya Allah... aku memohon pertolongan Kau kerana Kau mengetahui segala-galanya yang zahir mahupun yang tersembunyi. Aku merendahkan diri aku kepada-Mu serendah-rendahnya kerana aku sedar aku ini hanyalah seorang hamba yang hina sehinggakan tak dapat aku bayangkan betapa hinanya diriku sendiri. Dan... aku menyerahkan diriku sepenuhnya kepada-Mu,Ya Allah... Oleh itu, tolonglah.. Tunjukkanlah aku jalan yang terbaik buat aku...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

English Time

As how we know, english man always uses idioms in their daily conversation. So this time, I'm gonna list some idioms down here for us to study at least a little. Well, nobody have to tell that I'm not really good in english cuz I know it already. But, no matter what... I really wanted to share with you guys something that I know so that we'll know it together. Anyway, good luck... May Allah help us in everything.


i. Elaphant in the room

A problem that everyone knows exists but which no one wants to address
Everyone knew Irfan had a manner problem but nobody wanted to deal with this elephant in the room.

ii. Asleep at the switch

Careless about responsibilities
Johan was fired after being found asleep at the swith too often.

iii. Off the hook


Escape punishment
The police let him off the hook when he agreed to help them

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Berjalanlah untuk Mendapatkan Ketenangan

Keluarlah dari rumah, lalu perhatikanlah apa yang ada di sekeliling kita,

di depan mata kita dan di belakang kita

Dakilah gunung-gunung

Jamahlah tanah di lembah-lembah

Panjatlah batang-batang pepohonan

Teguklah air yang jernih


dekatkanlah hidung ke kelopak mawar

Pada masa itu, kita pasti akan merasakan jiwa kita benar-benar merdeka dan bebas seperti burung yang berkicauan melafazkan tasbih di angkasa kebahagiaan.
Keluarlah dari penjara hidup kita dan tutuplah mata kita dengan kain hitam.

Berjalanlah di bumi Allah yang sangat luas ini dengan sentiasa berzikir dan bertasbih..
Marilah sekali-sekala kita membaca quran
di tepi sungai,

di tepi hutan yang rimbun,

di antara burung-burung yang berkicauan

membaca untaian puisi cinta,


di depan gemercik aliran air sungai

yang sedang mengisahkan perjalannya dari hulu ke hilir.

Lihatlah.. Betapa sayangnya Allah kepada kita

Tidak pernah Allah menghadirkan cubaan tanpa cara untuk menyelesaikannya.


Semuanya boleh dihilangkan dengan pelbagai cara...
Jadi, mengapa kita masih ingin membiarkan diri kita musnah ditelan kedukacitaan.

Kedukaan tidak sepatutnya dibiarkan menghancurkan hati dan jiwa kita.
dunia yang remeh ini semestinya tidak layak untuk menyebabkan mengalirnya setitis air mata berharga...

Monday, March 08, 2010

My experiance to be like a handicap

This happened in November 2009, about 4 days before SPM. I had a great fall from the steps at a night when it was pouring and the thunder didn’t stop bumping the ground. The bad news is, my left ankle seems to get hurt the day after. When my teacher (Mrs. Asmah) brought me to the hospital to have a check-up, the doctor said that I just have a soft tissue injury at the part of my ankle and going to be okay after 1 or 2 weeks later. But I’m going to say the doctor was wrong because my ankle was not getting any better for the next 3 weeks but its getting worse. I have to use the wheelchair no matter where I went. Everyday, my friends would guided the wheelchair to the exam hall during SPM seoson; I mean my hall as I was quarantined (It is a room actually). They’d send me to the room before the exam was started then fetched me after that. I can tell that was their routine.
One night, I fell down the floor when I walked to the back of the ‘musolla’ to read Al-Mulk together with my friends as usual before we took our zs. That time, I didn’t use the thing what I call the ‘extra leg’. O Allah, that’s hurt a lot so I burst into tears. I wanted to cry as loud as I could but I felt too weak enough for that. I felt like I couldn’t do anything. My friends didn’t notice that I was crying because I hanged down my head. They thought I was just sleeping for a while. So I sat alone, suffering from the hurt. I have no choice so I waited my friends ‘til they finished the ‘halaqah’ for a while but it seemed like forever. As they finished the ‘halaqah’, one of my friends patted my shoulder as if she wanted to wake me up from sleep. I responded nothing and hold my ankle very tightly so they know that I was suffering from it. Everybody began to get worried and began muddling around.
There was two of my palls went ran for help and the others supported me to the wheelchair then guided it back to the hostel. About past 5 minutes, Dr. Ismail who was one of the expert doctors who live nearby arrived to give me a check-up. After he detected the problem, he told us something terrible. He said that I have to go on with an operation and a physiotherapy after it. He also said that it was a glimmer of hope for my ankle to get well as how it was. Dr. Ismail reminded me that everything is in Allah’s power as he noticed that I began to cry like a lady who was about to give up. After encouraging me, he asked me to use the ankle guard then he left .
Everyone froze for a few seconds. My head was hanging down. I cried my heart out from hearing the news. They started to rub my back and gave me some strength. My friends informed the warden about what Dr. Ismail had said and she said that she’d buy the ankle guard for me.
Honestly, I didn’t sit my SPM like how I supposed to. I felt like it is just a daily exercises from my teachers so I willy-nilly did it. I didn’t think it was my fault because I couldn’t focus as the pain in my ankle was killing me all the time. My languages test is truly bad. I didn’t even have much time to end the essays. During history, the pain was getting worst so I couldn’t focus at all. I just wrote everything in my mind and hoped the time would end quickly. The vicious war began to start again during Add Math. God, I hated that a lot. Everybody knows the fact that I’m not good in Add Math. See, I just wanted a truce at least only during Add Math but I didn’t get what I wished for. I missed 10 questions in biology paper 1. I just answered 40/50!
Before I had my chemistry exam, Mrs. Zaiton held a chemistry class with us. About 15 minutes before Mrs. Zaiton ended the class. My ankle began to make me suffer again. I told my friend who sat beside me during the class that my ankle was stinging. She told me to hold it for a while as the class was going to end a few minutes left. But I couldn’t. Hot water began to roll down me cheeks. Damn, I didn’t even care if somebody saw me crying. I continued crying ‘til Mrs. Zaiton’s husband, Cg. Azmi turned up to fetch her. As she noticed the arrival, she began to end the class. When Cg. Azmi realized I was sobbing, he immediately asked my friends what was going on so they told him why I was crying. He asked me if I needed any medicine. I just nodded. What I thought was just to be free from the pain. Then he walked to his car and came back to me with some pills in his hand for me to swallow down. He asked me to be strong and patient then he left with Mrs. Zaiton.
During the next day, the soreness of my ankle started from early in the morning. It was hurt more than always. I cried when I took my bath. I didn’t even tell my friends about it because I didn’t want to make trouble to anybody. When I was in the exam room, I cried alone. Not long after that, Mrs. Zaiton entered the room. I didn’t even notice that. I startled when she patted my shoulder and asked why I was crying. I quickly wiped my tears and said that I was not (actually I lied). I know that was rude but I just didn’t want her to worry. I forced myself to ignore the pain and tried to answer the questions properly but I couldn’t. God, I couldn’t stand it anymore so I gave up. I just wrote whatever I think about. After sitting the chemistry paper, I began very frustrated when I realized that I missed section C in paper 2. Twenty marks just flew over. I decided to keep it as a secret but I couldn’t so at last, I told my friends about it. They calm me down and asked me not to worry cuz Allah knows everything. After that, I felt much better.
During Arabic Language and PSI (Pendidikan Syari’ah Islamiyah) my ankle began to get well slowly. I started to take the PSI paper in the real exam hall with my friends. I had to have a war with my ankle yet again. But that time I didn’t really care because it is not as bad as before. Thanks to Allah, I still could handle it.
Of course it was strange enough for me. I didn’t need any damn operation or physiotherapies like how Dr. Ismail told me but I was changing for the better. Alhamdulillah… Then I realized, Allah is helping me a lot. I know that my parents, teachers, friends and everybody who saw me with the wheelchair always pray for my best too. Every time I pondered about it, I began to cry. I was more confident than ever that Allah never forgets to help us though we did so much bad things. He gave us test because He wants us to remember Him much. From my experience to be like a handicap person, I realized how we have to appreciate everything that we got from Him. We also have to be grateful for the presence of everybody around us no matter what they had done to us. What I learned, everything is a priceless gift so appreciate it before getting late. For Allah who never turn His back on me even if I turn my back on Him, thank you…

Sunday, March 07, 2010

My family's pizza recipe

Well this is my family’s pizza recipe. My mom always makes it for us since I couldn’t remember but I never know how to do it ‘till now. Actually, I’m not really good in cooking and that is why I felt excited if I know how to cook something. Anyway, pizza is my favourite. Oh yeah… Before anything, I really wanted to beg you not to laugh at me for feeling wound up cuz now I know how to bake a pizza myself. Hey…its still cool, isn’t it? Not going to talk more longer so, “have a try and enjoy you hand make pizza!!!”

Pizza Dough (Makes enough dough for two 10-12 inches pizza)

  • Warm water - 400 ml
  • Yeast - 2 1/4 teaspoons
  • Bread flour – 16 oz [Actually, we can use all purpose but bread flour will give a crisper crust (my mom told me that)]
  • Olive oil – 2 table spoons
  • Salt – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Sugar – 1 table spoon
  • Tomato/chili/pasta sauce
  • Tomato puree
  • Oregano leaves
  • Margarine
  • Mozzarella cheese (shredded) - 250g
  • Mushrooms (thinly sliced)
  • Bell peppers (stems and seeds removed, thinly sliced)
  • Minced chicken meat (fried)
  • Tomato (thinly sliced)
  • Sausage (fried, thinly sliced) [Any other additional are allowed]

Special equipment needed
  • A pizza stone, recommended if you want your pizza to be more crusty [Actually, my mom never use it in making a pizza, but you can use it if you wanted]
  • A pizza pan
  • A pizza wheel (for cutting the pizza) not required, but easily to deal with than a knife


Making the pizza dough

Add the flour with sugar, salt, olive oil, water and don't forget the yeast. Mix and knead it to form a dough. My mom says, if the dough seems a little too wet, sprinkle a bit more flour.

Cover the dough with cling film. Live it for 1 to 1 1/2 hour or 'til it doubled in size.

Preparing the pizza

  1. Remove the cling film from the dough and punch the dough so it deflates a bit. Divide the dough in half. From 2 round balls of dough.
  2. Working one ball of dough at a time, take one of dough and knead and roll it before place it on the pizza pan. After putting the kneaded and rolled dough on the pizza pan, use your palm to flatten the edge of the dough where it supposed to be thicker.

3. Spoon on the tomato/chilli/pasta sauce and a bit tomato puree then spread it on the flattened dough, sprinkle the oregano leaves, place your desire toppings on the pizza and finally the shredded cheese on it. Don’t forget to apply some margarine at the edge of the pizzao9. Do the same thing to the other dough.

4. Bake the pizza in the oven for 200 degree Celsius about 30-35 minutes.

Well, this is the product of my family’s pizza. I love it and I know you’ll love it too. Lets together have our lunch.

Mmmm… Yummy… Ops… Sorry, ALHAMDULILLAH…

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Allah Knows - Z.Bhikha & D.Wharnsby

“Here, I wanted to share with all my friends a nasheed that I’ll listen to it every time I’m disappointed or feel life is a glimmer of hope. For those who always face life with a gloomy day, listen to this nasheed and understand it. Insya-Allah you’ll find the light of happiness. Ya Allah, please give us a peaceful heart in standing our time before death”

When you feel all alone in this world

And there's nobody to count your tears

Just remember no matter where you are

Allah knows Allah knows

When you carrying a monster load

And you wonder how far you can go

With every step on that road that you take

Allah knows Allah knows

No matter what, inside or out

There’s one thing of which there’s no doubt

Allah knows Allah knows

And whatever lies in the heavens and the earth

Every star in this whole universe

Allah knows Allah knows

When you find that special someone

Feel your whole life has barely begun

You can walk to the moon shout it to everyone

Allah knows Allah knows

When you gaze with love in your eyes

Catch a glimpse of paradise

And you see your child take the first breath of life

Allah knows Allah knows

No matter what, inside or out

There’s one thing of which there’s no doubt

Allah knows Allah knows

And whatever lies in the heavens and the earth

Every star in this whole universe

Allah knows Allah knows

When you lose someone close to your heart

See you whole world fall apart

And you try to go on but it seems so hard

Allah knows Allah knows

You see we all have a path to choose

Through the valleys and hills we go

With the ups and the downs never fret never frown

Allah knows Allah knows

No matter what, inside or out

There’s one thing of which there’s no doubt

Allah knows Allah knows

And whatever lies in the heavens in the earth

Every star in this whole universe

Allah knows Allah knows

Cuz no matter what, inside or out

There’s one thing of which there’s no doubt

Allah knows Allah knows

And whatever lies in the heavens and the earth

Every star in this whole universe

Allah knows Allah knows

Every grain and sand

In every desert land, He knows

Every shade of palm

Every closed hand, He knows

Every sparkling tear

On every eyelash, He knows

Every thought I have

And every word I share, He knows


What is the purpose of life

What is the purpose of this life?
Money, holidays, a beautiful wife?
There is no point in us denying
Each heart beat brings us closer to dying
You'll breathe your last
Your life will have past
Don't pretend
Death's not the end

You will taste death, death never waited
Look around you, everything's created
It has a creator, it has a meaning
A mother gives birth and then comes it's weaning
The sun rises and gives us light
It sets, then falls, the blanket of night
The plants all grow, when falls the rain
They give fruits to man, and they too will wane

Why does man think that he will get away?
Spending life aimlessly, as if he's here to stay
A fixed time is appointed, everything will perish
Everything you hate, everything you relish
Except the Almighty Allah, He will remain
And then will come judgement, all on one plain

Allah will say, I gave you life
I gave you health, wealth and a wife
What did you do with your time?
What did you do in your prime?
Did you spread my message, did you spread islam?
Why not? Did you not read the Quran?
My friends, we muslims, we are so blessed
Allah gave us islam to supercede all the rest

My non-muslim friends, the Quran must be read
Read before it's too late and you're dead
You owe it to yourselves, it will make you cry
You'll know these words are from the Lord most High
Instructing mankind to the purpose of life
And the reward my friends is everlasting life

Our purpose is to worship our Lord most High
The reward is heaven where no one will die
You'll have anything you want, all the best dishes
And Almighty Allah will grant all of your wishes

This life my friends is just a cage
We should live by His orders, to be safe from his rage
You will understand when you read the holy Quran
You'll know the religion of truth is islam
Protect yourself and your families from hell
Embrace islam and all will be well
For the deeds of this life, you'll pay the price
In the depths of hell or in paradise

Waiting for the call - Irfan Makki

Assalamualaikum friends… I would like to share with all of you a nasheed that I really like to listen to. The title of the nasheed is ‘Waiting for The Call’ but sometimes people call it ‘Islam in My Vein’. Irfan Makki sings it. I like him because of his soft voice and he can control the tone easily. I can bet he'll make everybody being hypnotize from hearing him reciting the quran. Believe it or not . Believe it. I have to tell you in case you didn’t know yet that his singing voice is completely similar to Michael Jackson’s. You don’t trust me? Okay then. Listen it yourself. Good luck!


Persahabatan... Tidak akan ada sesiapa pun yang menafikan indahnya persahabatan. Memang indah... Suasana yang mendung pun boleh menjadi cerah kembali. Tapi, kadang-kadang orang salah faham tentang erti persahabatan. Adakah persahabatan itu hanya dengan menegur dengan cara yang menyakitkan? Adakah persahabatan itu hanya dengan menghiburkan tanpa memberi kesan apa-apa? Ataupun, hanya dengan memberi hadiah yang kegembiraannya hanya sementara? Menemani tanpa perasaan kasih sayang seperti sesuatu yang tidak bernyawa? Hanya dengan berSMS atau menghantar e-mail? Berbual kosong? Mengajak kepada kemungkaran? Tidak! Semuanya tidak!!! Bahkan persahabatan seperti itu hanya akan menyebabkan retaknya hati, terseksanya jiwa, serta membawa kepada kemurungan yang berpanjangan. Malah, persahabatan seperti ini hanya diibaratkan seperti najis di tepi jalan. Tidak bernilai dan tidak dihargai sama sekali. Apa sebenarnya persahabatan? Inilah sesuatu yang tidak dapat dirasai oleh semua insan. Persahabatan itu hanya akan tersingkap disebalik hati-hati yang dipilih Allah sahaja. Ya, betul. Persahabatan itu merupakan anugerah yang sangat indah. SANGAT INDAH Persahabatan itu adalah dengan berkongsi rasa resah, rasa gelisah, dukacita mahupun gembira. Semuanya dihadapi bersama. Sebaik-baik teman merupakan mereka yang sentiasa sedia mendengar rintihan kita ketika kita bersedih hati, sentiasa sedia memahami kita ketika kita berdukacita, sentiasa sedia menemani kita ketika kita disisihkan, sentiasa sedia memeluk kita ketika kita memerlukan pelukan dan kehangatan kasih sayang,sentiasa memberi kita harapan ketika kita rasakan kehidupan ini sudah tidak bermakna lagi, sentiasa memberi kita semangat ketika kita berputus asa untuk terus berusaha, dan sentiasa sedia berkongsi cerita atas sesuatu yang menyebabkan kita bahagia. Persahabatan yang ikhlas bukan sahaja dengan ketawa bersama-sama tetapi juga menangis bersama-sama. Sahabat seperti payung dalam hujan. Sahabatnya tidak akan dibiarkan basah dalam derita. Sahabat yang sebenar juga seperti rumah yang sering menjadi pelindung daripada sebarang kecelakaan, seperti kereta yang sering memudahkan sebarang urusan. Sesuatu yang paling wajib dihargai, sahabat sejati seperti matahari, sanggup korbankan dirinya sendiri hanya untuk kebahagiaan sahabatnya. Sungguh beruntung mereka yang beroleh sahabat sejati.
Ya Allah, anugerahkanlah kepadaku sahabat seperti ini, yang akan mengajakku bersama-sama dengannya mengejar cinta-Mu. Dan jika Kau menghadiahkan sahabat kepadaku, Kau hadirkanlah kepadaku rasa ingin menghargainya sampai ke akhirat. Ameen...