Life is about TRUSTING our feeling and TAKING CHANCES, LOSING and FINDING HAPPINESS, APPRECIATING the memories and LEARNING from the past... Let's together ask ALLAH to help us for not wasting the life we have.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He loves me!!!

Praise be to my Lord, The Most Wonderful.

These days, I really feel disappointed. Feeling sad, frustrated, depressing, gloomy and everything worse I can ever thought. At first, I thought I’m just not feeling well. But something started to make me feel kind of weird when I began to cry without knowing why! I started to find the problem that makes me feel like this. Then I asked myself, is it because of my brother Shafiq is moving to another school? Hmm, maybe because of that… But deeply into my heart, I noticed that that is NOT the main problem. Then I peeked deeper into my heart, what’s the thing that is not going right? Alhamdulillah… With Allah’s help, I found the reason. It is being such a long time when I didn’t ‘walk’ on this earth and praise Him for the beauty of the world.

I started to go out of my room, walked on the roads, touched the flowers to my nose, hugged the trees, gazed at the sky, pondered the white clouds, the morning light, the food He gave me, swam the pool, and do everything that brought me back closer to nature. Yes! I had successfully found the reason. Allah, You like beauty. So no wonder why You make this world so beautiful, so interesting…

Then I realized that there is someone who really cares about what I feel, and He hears my every cry. His arms are reaching out to me, and MashaALLAH… on Him I can rely everything. When things close in around me, He sees my fear and doubt. He wants to hold me in His arms, and He will never cast me out. When I lose hope and stumbling through the darkness, He will be my guiding light and never will let me go astray. He wants to wipe away my tears so I’ll feel like being a precious lady. Well of course, He is my very love one, Allah. My Lord, it is true what people always told me... You are EVERYTHING!!!

Dear readers, lets together reach out right now to Allah, and let Him take complete control of you. We’ll realize that we have nothing to worry much cuz He’ll take that heavy burden. Let Him take you in His loving arms. Subhanallah, His love will never end. In the HADITH we are informed that if we WALK towards ALLAH, HE will run unto us! O Allah, thanks for being so kind to me, to my parents, to my brothers and sisters, to my friends, and to everybody I've known. Please Allah, bless us all...

Allah, You are the Most Understanding…