Life is about TRUSTING our feeling and TAKING CHANCES, LOSING and FINDING HAPPINESS, APPRECIATING the memories and LEARNING from the past... Let's together ask ALLAH to help us for not wasting the life we have.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

I Figured Out Life

In the name of My Lord, The Most Almighty The Most Compassionate.

Today I've got the chance to spend a lil time at KUIS. Just to have a moment to ponder the little things in life. (To my dear Umi, its not that I don't like being by ur side. You're so important to me. Ur such a wonderful mother. I love you).

Well I just thought there are things that I would like to share. I'm not really a good person and that's why I choose to share things 4 us to remember. May it gives benefit to my readers and of course to myself as well.  Ameen O Allah...

During having my time at KUIS, I was thinking about a lot of things. About how things happen in life & why does it do. Here, I saw a lil girl. About 2 years old, I think. She's so cute with a ponytail hair wearing blue dress with a shiny black baby doll shoes. "Subhanallah.. she's gorgeous!" I said to myself. I looked while walking to her. I kneeled and gave her my bear hands. I smiled at her and said "Salam kakak..." she grab my hands then kissed me at the forehead. She smiled. I gulped. I feel like there's love inside me. I couldn't take it anymore as my tears start rolling down my cheeks. I never, I mean NEVER met such a girl like her.

I suddenly realise how life really is. I figured that Allah's love will always be inside u no matter how dreadful u are or no matter how sucks ur life is. Hell yeah. Allah is there, within ur vein. Then I realise something I forgot for such a long time ago. It doesn't count how you fall. Falling down is never a problem but the real problem is how you tried to get yourself up ! No matter how u lost your life, He will still be there saying "Don't worry my dear servant. It's just for a little more time."

There's time when I feel like life scared the hell out of me. Yes. That's what life do ! Sometimes it makes u want what u will never have, makes u believe for things that will never happen, makes u feel things that is not real at all ! Even sometimes it makes u love something or someone so badly ! But then end up taking it back from u. But do remember this dear self. Maybe u didn't have chance for what u want in this life, but u'll have it for the forever lasting life. More better than the life u live right now. But don't ever forget to stop praying to The Most Forgiving and Giving. He knows. Yes. He knows...

Dear Allah, the only one that understand & know the reason of every lil things we do while others are too busy judging us, the only one who remembers us all the time while the others just there to remember us in several situation, the only one that knows how many tears dropped from our eyes & how much laugh we do while our heart cries to death. Please do make our heart as strong & tawadhuk as the solihin. Dear Allah, the one who holds all of our heart, please show us miracle.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy November 12 ! :D


Okay first of all, sorry sangat2 kat Mizah & Khairi sebab lambat buat post ni. Memang ingat nak buat post time birthday korg je tapi x sempat. Plus, laptop orang yang tiba2 tenat tu kan tak hantar kedai lagiiii.... Heheh. 

Anyway, Happy Happy & A Happy Birthday to both of you. Harap dengan meningkatnya umur itu seiring dengan meningkatnya tahap keimanan, inshaAllah... :) Thanks dekat korg jugak. Sebab birthday korg, org dapat makan kek. Haha... :P

Amboi Mizah.. Sempat lagi posing before tengok kek. Ngee~

Haha. Ciwan dah x sabar tunggu time nak potong kek la tuu..  :P

Yumm yummm... Sedapnyaaa ! :D

Honestly, sedappp sangat birthday cake Mizah & Khairi. Rasa macam nak lagi. Tapi dah habis dahh.. :( Oh ye.. Kejap2. X nyanyi lagi Birthday Song untuk korg kan? Okay meh nak nyanyi sikit...

Happy Birthday to you;
Happy Birthday to you;
Happy Birthday to Mizah & Khairi;
Happy Birthday to you.... Yeayyy~! 

To Mizah: Thanks sebab selalu jadi adik yang baik. Selalu dengar cakap orang, ambil berat tentang orang, selalu ingat orang... You are the most wonderful sister EVER ! Bersyukur sangat dapat adik yang baik + solehah macam Mizah. Selalu doakan orang tauu.. (love)

To Khairi: Happy birthday !!! Terima kasih banyak2 sebab selalu belanja kitorang semua. Hee~ Terima kasih berjuta-juta kali tau ! For being a very good brother, and for your care. THANKS !!!! May Allah bless you always. :D

I'll love you guys, and our whole family forever INSHAALLAH..!

Birthday girl: Hamizah
Pearl :D

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Happy Birthday My Dear Prince.. :D

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the world which because of Him we are still alive..

Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to Ahmad (blink blink blink) ....
Happy birthday to you.

(haa... ni dia kek bufday Ahmad.. sedapnyaaaaa...)

Happy 7th birthday to me dearest brother Ahmad (on 1st June) ! Semoga dengan meningkatnya umur, meningkatlah keberkatan dalam hidup Ahmad yang soleh & comel nie... <3 Ameen ya Rabb~!

Best sgt time birthday Ahmad.. Kami ke penang.. Asalnya ikut Abah keje, tp dah alang2 tu balik laa kampung. Ziarah Tok & Wan... Wan sakit kaki, kesian kat Wan.. Nak solat susah, nak jalan x boleh, makan pun dah x lalu. Hati nie tersentuh sgt masa t'dengar Wan doa sakitnya disembuhkan spy dpt b'ibadah & solat terawih dlm bulan Ramadhan yg hampir tiba nie. Rasa sebak.. :(

Jika kesembuhan itu lebih baik untuk Wan, Kau sembuhkanlah dia supaya dia ada kekuatan utk beribadah. Jika tidak, Kau jadikanlah Wan orang yg redha dgn ujian yg telah Kau berikan pd Dia. Smg dgn itu Dia akan dapat sesuatu yg lebih baik kelak..

(snap gambar dalam kereta.. Nie boring punya pasal. Huhu~)
3hari 2mlm di kampung, then kami balik rumah. Best sgt birthday Ahmad tahun nie. Even simple tapi penuh bermakna..! Macam2 benda baru yg dah dipelajari.

To my dearest elder sister, Safiah. Rugi tau x balik.. Padan muka x boleh sambut birthday Ahmad sama2 dgn kt0rg.. Sapa suruh x nak balik belanja org Domino's.. hee~
Xpe2. Lain kali hang balik jgn lupa belanja tau.. <3

"...Ya Tuhanku, berilah aku petunjuk agar aku dapat m'syukuri nikmatMu yang telah Engkau limpahkan kepadaku dan kepada kedua orang tuaku, & agar aku dapat b'buat kebajikan yang Engkau redhai; dan berilah aku kebaikan yg akan mengalir smpai ke anak cucuku."
(Al-Ahqaf: 15)


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


In the name of my Lord, The Most Wonderful The Most Gracious.

Peace be upon all of you who willing to spend just 2 minutes to read this new post. This post is dedicated to some of them who really play the important role of my life.

Dear Lord,
First of all, I really begged for Your forgiveness. Forgive me for every wrong that I've done. Please forgive me for forgetting You sometimes, for not remembering You always. O Allah... Thanks for always being there for me. For always touching my heart & give me comfort by making me believe that there is nothing to worry about. I know it's rude, but please give me the chance to be myself back.

Umi & Abah... I'm really sorry for my weaknesses. I know I've make you guys really disappointed about me. Sorry for my bad attitudes & for being so hard-headed nowadays... I know I've changed a lot. Please do remember this.... I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH !!! Please give me a lil more time. I'll try to make you guys happy one day. Insha-Allah...

To my dear prince, Ahmad... Sorry I've scolded you a lot of times. Orang teringat masa Ahmad cakap kat Mizah, "Basyirah dulu baik, tapi sekarang dah garang." It really makes me laugh that time. But deep into my heart I know I'm crying so hard like I can hardly breathe. I know I'm really the bad guy now. Betul cakap Ahmad. I've changed. I realize that too but I just don't know why. Forgive me for not being a really go0d sister. You always try to make me feel that I'm kind & pretty, even though I know that I'm not. Huhu...

My dear prince... Please give me a lil more time to be the go0d Basyirah once again. You will always be the person who I loved the most NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN.

To my only younger sister, Hamizah...
Thank you for doing a lot of things for me, for trying so hard to make me happy during my 1st April every year, for always trying to defend me no matter what I'm facing. I remember once ago, you wrote in your essay that I'm your idol. Well, I think I'm not your idol anymore huh? :) Sorry for not treating you very well these times. I can't even remember the joy when I laughed with you. I can barely remember the peaceful feeling that I spent with you. Mizah, I'm sorry... :'( Please give me a lil more time.

To Ahmad Haziq Luqman, the person who always stand beside me in every situation, who try to make me laugh when I cried for a really bad day, who always listen & understand my feelings. I'm really really sorry for always putting the burden on you. I know I've hurt you a lot of times but you always say, "It's okay" & smile to me as if nothing had happened. Minta maaf sebab selalu sakitkan hati awak. And minta maaf sangat sebab selalu pentingkan diri sendiri. :( Please give me a lil more time to find myself back. Hope you will forgive me....

Dearest Amina Al-amin, Najah Khairul & Nor Lyana Omar. Thanks for always listening to me. I'm sorry for not being the best person for you guys. Please give me a lil time to make you guys smile like before. I miss all of so much ! 


Friday, October 21, 2011



How are you today? First of all, I would like to say thanks for willing to visit my site. It's kinda long time I didn't even update my post here. It's jut because I don't even have an idea for a topic to post to my blog.

This time I really want to share a video with you guys. It's a part from Star Wars Episode 3. Well, actually I'm not really gonna talk about this video. I just wanna talk about how I love the way Obi-wan Kenobi swung his laser sword. Damn.. I love it so much !! It looks awes0me, great and so HEROIC ! <3 Hey, why don't you try to play the video down here. I bet you'll like it. :)

Guess what... I really wish I can be a hero like Obi-wan. He fancies me ! Co0l huh? I really like the way he hold up the justice. He is so a great person ! I wish I can be as kind & strong like him. Go Go Obi-Wan...! :D

Thursday, June 30, 2011

O Allah.. I need Your help

O Allah... You know today I'm really confused. I don't understand about what's happening around me. I'm week & I need Your help. Please Allah... show me what's the best. I believe in You.

O Allah... Please listen to what I say. Please guide me to the right path. Please help me to face my difficult days. I lay everything on You cuz I trust You most.

O Allah... You know how dreadful I feel. I'm confused & I don't know what to do. It really pinched my heart but I believe You have the reason why everything is happening.

O Allah... Please help me to smile & to be strong. Even if I cry a well of tears, I know that I still won't get the answer for what I'm facing. So Allah, I rely everything on You...

O Allah... today, in the evening when i gaze at the bright blue sky, I realize that You are always there for me. You always being there to listen, You always being there to wipe my tears away, You are always there to accompany me when I'm alone, & You understand me for everything that make me hurt. So please... help me to be tough.

Love You most, Pearl...