Life is about TRUSTING our feeling and TAKING CHANCES, LOSING and FINDING HAPPINESS, APPRECIATING the memories and LEARNING from the past... Let's together ask ALLAH to help us for not wasting the life we have.

Friday, March 26, 2010

O Allah, I'm smiling...

O Allah, it is quite a long period when I didn’t feel the real pleasure of smiling. Now, I am smiling and I love it so much. I promise to myself not to cry over the problem I'm facing right now anymore. At this moment, I notice there is still a wonderful life with me. I am amazed on how you created this life to make the humans happy.
Allah... Last night when I look deeply at the charming bright stars floating in the sky, I can feel something special that You gave me. Yes, I sense Your love in my heart. Your love is there all the time to make me smile. I didn’t even realize it was there anymore but actually, it is. I can feel that You are always with me no matter what. And that feeling just make me smile again.
O Allah, Thanks for accompanying me when I am alone. Thanks for always listening to me when I am sad. Thanks for understanding me when I am disappointed. Thanks for hugging me when I lose hope. Thanks for always holding my hands tightly to show me the way where I suppose to go on. Thanks for never living me alone at my wits’ end. Thanks for never turn Your back on me even when I turn my back on You. And finally, thanks for everything (what is and what was).
O Allah, after You allow me to choose what I wanted, You let my heart began to accept the reality that is happening around me. Thank you for helping me to choose my right decision cuz after that, I began to start putting a happy smile on my face. With my wholehearted faith in you, I’m going to leave everything in Your hand.
Umi and Abah, you always try your best for my goodness ‘til I don’t know how to thank you both. Sorry if I had make your heart broken for not listening to your opinion. I know I’m a quite hard-headed person. I’m deadly sorry for that. After this, I’ll be always ready accepting whatever from you both. O Allah, please forgive all of my sins and my parents too. And please do love them as how they loved me when I’m little.
Ciwan, yesterday I just told you that I feel like wanted to go to the moon and shout to everyone that I am smiling. Well, glad to say this to you…. I am on the moon now and of course I’m totally blissful.
Aliya, thanks for giving me strength to continue my life no matter how hard it is. I know you are quite unhappy to know I was depressing yesterday. Anyway, let’s together smile now because now I am.
Khaulah, thanks for your believing. You’ve pray for me and trust me that I can bring myself wherever I go. Take good care of Matri and I hope for you the best, Insha-Allah… For your information, now I'm smiling to my ears.
Kak Maisarah, thanks for spending your time for me even you are in New Zealand. You have to know that I’m very glad to have a sister like you. Well, you don’t have to worry for me much because now I’m okay. I'm smiling already. Thank you so much.
Finally, to those who ever pray for me, worried about me, or gave me force to face my life though it is just a little even I didn’t notice it, thank you very, very much for being nice to me. I’ll remember your kindness as long as I live, insha-Allah…


PRiNCESS 15 zikr

basyirah...i really appreciate tht..hmmm..u mom n dad..made a decision..if i cant go on through khssh, they want me to change my mind..hmm..just go khssh for a while..if i cant...i should go u or else..huhu..n it made me i wrong in taking this decision??..huhu...Allah knows better..

i'm smiling too-blessness hunter

setiap bait2 kata dalam ungkapan ukhti ana dapat rasakan,ia tercoret dengan pena hati yang sangat dalam.ana benar2 dapat rasakan.

"barangkali apa yg kita hajatkan itu bukan yang terbaik untuk kita,dan mungkin yang kita benci itu yang terbaik untuk kita.sesungguhnya Allah itu maha mengetahui...sedang kamu tidak mengetahui."
Allah tu kan maha baik...Dia pasti akan hadiahkan yang terbaik untuk hambanya yang baik2 kan...yakinlah.
sebenarnya Allah sengaja mengaturkan semua yg terjadi...kerna mungkin selama ni ukhti semakin menjauh dengan Allah.sebagai tanda kasih sayangNya dia xkan biarkan hamba yang disayanginya terus menjauh daripadaNya.kan...
Allah sengaja aturkan supaya ukhti kembali merapatiNya,kembali menjahit sejadah iman yg kian hari semakin terkoyak..yakinlah satu perkara.
"Allah sayangkan ukhti"ingat tu.
dan dalam keadaan apa sekalipun kita mesti istiqamah diatas jalanNya.kerna hanya jalan itulah yg akan menemukan syurgaNYa.jgn tinggalkan dakwah dan tarbiah..tu yg paling penting.dalam apa jua bidang yg kita ceburi pastikan ia memberi sumbangan kpd ummah.sehingga kita jadi seseorang yg pakar.yg menjadi sumber rujukan.itu yg akan jadi wasilah besar untuk tinggikan martabat islam.untuk mengembalikan khilafah yg sekian lama menghilang.ingat itu.

dan yg terpenting.HDA.hubungan dengan Allah.-jaga sungguh2 yg tu.insyaAllah ukhti akan bahgia dunia dan akhirat.



PRINCESS 15 zikr
You can do it!! I believe in u. Well, today is the day u'll go to ma3. Aliya, I really wish for u everything good. Remember what I say yeterday, we're weak so lets together ask Allah what is the best for us.Be confident to yourself, ok. & rmmber ths too, its u who r going to study not u'r parents.its only u who knows u'r own ability. But, if u cant cope with kasah, everything is in u'r hand. Aliya, u know what? i'll continue persuading my parents 4 kasah. I wont give up.. Anyway, bring faith where we go. Wslm...


kak.syirah..kenapa ni?
ade something yg ana tau ke?
ana rase sedih n nagis time bace pot td..rse sebak..ntah nape

ana tau Allah dh plan yg tbaek utk ana n kak syoirah..w/pon pedih n sayu..Allah rncg yug tbaek..yg tbaek.. hnya Allah yg tahu btapa ana rindu kak syirah..rindu kt nasihat k syirah...
luv u so mech lillah..may Allah always with u


Salam Khaulah,
Yes, there is something tht u dont know. K/bsyrh sbnrnye nk sgt msk kasah tp Allah izin x blh cuz byk hlgn. Nyway, cm khaulh ckp, Allah dh susun yg t'baik utk kite kan? K/bsyrh pun dh mula bljr utk tima kenyataan. Thnx cuz rindu k/bsyrh, and Allah knows how I do miss u & the others. Now, k/bsyrh hrp sgt khaulah & adik2 f5 yg lain x lupa ttg dkwh & trbiyh di smping study cuz Allah. Khaulh, k/bsyrh nk ajk kite sama2 teruskn hdp dgn m'jd kita cuz kita yg sbnrnya hamba Allah yg baik. I2lh kite masa kita still a little baby, btl kan? K/bsyrh merayu sgt2, tlg jg ma3 & adik2 ma3 baik2. Smg segala ush kita is just 4 Allah. Allah x prnh lupa utk kira stp ape yg kita buat. Hope we together never stop to thnk Him 4 everything.


Wow never imagined there are people like that in this world, you deserve a smile! God loves you so what else would you smile for :)

Wish me a similar smile.

Ridwan Zulkifli

hahahahahahaha........Basyirah nangis hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....................


Eleh.. mcm laa dia x nangis..