Life is about TRUSTING our feeling and TAKING CHANCES, LOSING and FINDING HAPPINESS, APPRECIATING the memories and LEARNING from the past... Let's together ask ALLAH to help us for not wasting the life we have.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh Allah...

"A strong woman is the one who fells deeply, and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her smile. A strong woman is both soft and powerful, she is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is gift to the whole world"
(From FAQ site)

Praise be to You, Allah…

O Allah... I really wanted to be strong. But Allah.. I cannot be as powerful as I wanted without Your help. Without You, I have nothing cuz You are EVERYTHING. Please Allah, I need Your help.

O Allah... If I cry, please let me cry for You. If I smile, please let me smile for You. If I'm happy, please let me be happy for You. If I am disappointed, please let me be it with You.

O Allah... I'm begging You. No matter what, please do not let me stop helping others. Well, You just let me know that the key to be happy is by helping people. And yes, it is. So please, don't ever let me stop lending my hands for others. I wanted to be a strong lady so I really do hope You'll let me. Please Allah...

Allah.... for the clouds You've gave us, for the stars You've lend to us, for the wealth You've bestowed on us, for the life You’ve conferred for us, for the enjoyable You’ve passed on us, for the breath You've handed over us, for the night sky You've decorated it to make us smile again, for the people You’ve let us know no matter who they are, for the love You’ve overflowed to take place as Your guidance, for everything You’ve gave us ‘til we couldn’t tell, thanks for all of it.