Life is about TRUSTING our feeling and TAKING CHANCES, LOSING and FINDING HAPPINESS, APPRECIATING the memories and LEARNING from the past... Let's together ask ALLAH to help us for not wasting the life we have.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Allah knows best

Allah knows what's best for us
So why should we complain?
We always want the sunshine
But He knows there must be rain
We always want the laughter
And the merriment of cheer
But our hearts loose their tenderness
If we never shed a tear
Allah tests us often
With suffering and with sorrow
He tests us not to punish us
But to help us meet tomorrow
For growing trees are strengthened
If they withstand the storm
And the sharpness of the chisel
Gives the marble grace and form
Allah tests us often
And for every bit of pain
Provided we are patient
Is followed by rich grain
So whenever we are down
And everything is going wrong
It is just Allah's way
To make our spirit strong

I just wanna share this poem with everybody who lose hope in their life. Well maybe, including me. Come on, just believe this.... What happened to us is just for our goodness. Of course, it is not what we call life if there is no test. So, learn to be strong to face it.

Do people think that they will be left because they say: "We believe (in Allah)," and will not be tested? (The Quran, Al- 'Ankaboot: 2)

You see, everybody in this world will be tested and of course the muslims will be tested the most. Having those damn tribulation doesn't mean that Allah didn't love us but that is one of the prove that shows He cares about us.

Things aren’t always as they seem. Ummu Musa was told to throw her son in the river, Prophet Yusuf was left for dead in a well, Maryam delivered a child alone, Aishah was accused of a terrible sin, Prophet Yunus was swallowed by a whale, Prophet Ibrahim was thrown in the fire, Prophet Muhammad SAW lost the love of his life Khadijah, and Ummu Salamah thought no one could be better than Abu Salamah. (Peace be upon them all). Yet look at how it turned out for them in the end... So don’t worry, Allah has a plan for you. Just put your trust in Him so you'll be ok. Insha-Allah...

Lastly, Allah knows everything.



Hey Basyirah..
This post is good. I like it..

Princess 15 zikr

Basyirah, teruskanlah perjuangan. Kami doakan hidup kita sama2 berterusan dalam jihad fisabilillah.. InsyaAllah...
Macam yg nt selalu kata. May Allah bless us all...


Well thank you.. But I dont think this post is good enough. Anyway, I just wrote this to share. Hope we together can change to the better..


Princess 15 zikr,
Ameen.. teruskan doa tuh yek.. KOrang doa, ana pown turut b'doa. Inshaallah... Yes, May Allah bless us all.


nih guru tawamu....gagaga..

hurmmm..tq2! touching skit..p0st baru?? bagos ank muridku~~
teruskan usahamu~~


Ye... ni lah dia post khas utk tok guru. Smg tok guru dpt manfaat no0h... Tok guru pown kena teruskn ush mendidik ank2 murid tw!


jgn nk perli cek~~
mmg p0st tuh kna batang id0ng cek..
pa2 pon..tq..!!


Well, you always welcome my friend.
Ana wt post ni sbb ana fhm prasaan nti. Nti jgn sedey lg tw. Allah tw segala-galanya & He knows what is the best 4 you.
Dah insaf? bagoz2.. Hehe

am loves star praise to Allah cause gve u such beatiful words.... subhanallah..may Allah give us strength..ti lo ade interesting bnd nk share jgn tagak2 nk buzz me! sayang awak krn kasihNYA....


am loves star,
Inshaallah.. Kalo de pe2 lg, ana akn share ngan nti... nti pown kena share gk pe2 ngan ana yek.. Ana pown syg nti krn kasihNya. Inshaallah...

fiq loves star

nsyAllah..syg kmu krnanya..@}- hehhe..tol ka..hhehe ...salam...


fiq loves star,
Heh fiqah, nmpknye x jd tuh wt bunga. Ha3... x pe.. Teruskn ush baikmu.... Salam..


So great, thanks it is really touching :]


U are always welcome..


Basyirah nice blog.nti bkn nk bgtau awal2 kat ana kata nti buat 2 xpa ana dah mencemar duli kat kedua2 blog nti.nti patut happy tau.bukan senng nih ana nk post comment kat org:)


Owh...Alhamdulillah.. Smpe gk shbh ana nih kt blog ana yg ke 2 nih. Bagoz2.. Nti kata ana ptut hepi? X pe... nti jgn risau... Ana mmg tgh hepi nih... Btl ckp nti. Bkn sng nti nk komen kt blog org.. Heh. Ape? mencemar duli?? Ehem2.. Ana silap bace kot nih..

Anyway, thnx a lot 4 u'r coment.. Love you fillah...


my very 1st time,i leave a comment in someones blog...
its okay, 4 da sake of my beloved sahibah...
4 me,da post is quite interesting...
coz it suits our cndition right now. thats da best way n time 2 make us muhasabah ourselves...
jzkillah khayr ya ukht!
just dont stop sharing!!! even if there's no one willing 2 read them, Allah still reward u 4 da sincerity...
crave that in ur heart!
luv u fillah...
n do pray 4 me...


u'r very 1st time, huh? Thnks a lot. Well, now you already now how to coment in someone's blog. Hah.. Congratulatins..
You do this 4 me? Well, I love you too my dear sahibah.
Inshaallah.. I'll try to go on with this kind of life. Never stop sharing til the end. But its easy & I know that you do realize it. So please, keep on praying 4 me, ok?
"Crave that in you heart". I noticed you really like to use that sentence, didnt you? Anyway, Its ok cuz I like it. As long as I remember you, I will keep that idiom in my mind.
Love you fillah too.
And please... you too must pray 4 me.