Life is about TRUSTING our feeling and TAKING CHANCES, LOSING and FINDING HAPPINESS, APPRECIATING the memories and LEARNING from the past... Let's together ask ALLAH to help us for not wasting the life we have.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Najah

Praise be to Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful…

Dear Najah,

I’m really sorry for what had happened. I try for always being by your side, but I’m sorry cuz I can’t. I tried my best to be a go0d friend but I feel like completely a loser. I have nothing to give and nothing either to share. Sorry but this is the only thing that I can give.


You know this is what life is all about. Sometimes, something just happen that makes you cry over and over, trying to make yourself comfort after your heart broken into pieces. Sometimes you can’t even forgive yourself for what had happened. You see, life is nothing but a road. You just have to continue walking through it no matter what it takes. Really hope you’ll be strong, my dear friend. Cuz I love you damn much~!

o you ever hear that sadness is often from the devil and is a kind of hopelessness? Yeah~ it truly is… This is a test. You have some pain and you suffering alone. Even when you tell me every single bitterness that you face in your daily life, I still never can feel what you really feel. I just can cry and help you just a lil bit as a friend who lives in this world just for a while.

My friend, Najah…

You know that when Allah gives tests for us, it doesn’t mean that He forget about us. It means that He loves us, right? I still remember the moment when you tell me not to worry about you because Allah asks you to be patient. So I hope you are truly okay right now.

Just remember, my dear. When you carrying a monster load and you wonder how far you can go, with every step on that road that you take, Allah knows. Allah knows all your pain, all of the tenderness and the ache in your heart. Allah knows every single tear that you drop from your eyes. Allah knows all of it…

So there’s nothing to worry much. You have a plan but Allah has a bigger plan and His plan is always the better. You say that you want to live happily ever after. Insha-Allah you will! I just hope for you everything better. So just smile, okay? I agreed that happiness is the key for you to smile, but do remember sometimes a smile is the key for you to be happy. Smile always!!!

Love you so much~!!!

Yours sincerely,