Life is about TRUSTING our feeling and TAKING CHANCES, LOSING and FINDING HAPPINESS, APPRECIATING the memories and LEARNING from the past... Let's together ask ALLAH to help us for not wasting the life we have.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

When they laughed at me...

This happened yesterday, when I told them why I wanna study in khassah. I just continue and continue till the time when they asked me what is my mission in khassah till I’m willing to sacrifice my dream to study journalism. Well there are already KLMU and KUIS for me to catch my dream, but I decided to leave it for a while and go to khassah first. So I say, I wanna run for my mission before anything else. Cuz for me, my mission is thousands of times more important than my dream. Then, THEY LAUGHED AT ME!!!

Know what? That really, really hurts me. Well of course, I can forgive them for laughing at me. But hey…. I will never forget how they just laughed at me as if I was telling them a funny story. I WILL NEVER FORGET IT TILL I DIE. Hey, don’t you remember… ‘to err is human’. Yes, everybody makes mistake but do remember that everybody CAN change.

“God Himself does not propose to judge man until the end of his day, so why should the humans do that?” Dr. Johnson (Psychologist of United State)
Taken from a book, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie.

Allah, I know You are there for me. You know, if not because of Your help, I’ve give up right now. Allah, I need Your help….. Please show me a way, where I suppose to go and what I suppose to do. Please Allah, help me.

You’ve left us in The Quran, Al-Anbiya’: 83-84 [And when Ayob cried to his Lord, “Verily, distress has seized me, and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy.” So We answered his call, and We removed the distress that was on him….. ] So Allah, You’ll help me too right?

To my sister, Kak Syafiyah Adzhar… You know I love you so much. You helped me and understand me a lot. Thanks… You are really my forever sister.

To Kak Maisarah Azmi and Kak Mazniha Berahim, thank you for your advice. Don’t worry, sis… I’ll remember it always, inshaAllah…

To my friends, Iffah Hanna, Imtisal, Afiqah, Basyirah, Syahirah, Iman, Naiemah, Fatinah, Fatimah, Aisyah and others… thanks for always understanding me when I have nobody. You’ve gave me some strength to be more confident for studying in khassah. Thank you… Hey you guys, try don’t stop supporting me in my life, okay? Cuz I need all of you.
I love you all lillah, inshaAllah… Hope we’ll be friends forever. Ameen…


SLE patient

yes...U should 2 thankful 2 Allah cos give U m0re chance t0 "cari" iLmU...this is just the beginning..
Allah said>>HE knows everything~~
Allah give us a different phase 0f mind but every human have a same capacity of mind!use it in a right way with islam's soul!U will get what u'r target..THE CHOISE IS IN YOUR HAND~~
Allah want us 2 find ILMU..why??
becouse with ILMU we will bcame taqwa's pers0n..
but!we need t0 practise+feel with ilmu that we have learned..
anyway..u should thnkful to Allah
c0z give u chnce to go to "kosoh"!
*dont menc0nteng arang at parent face ok!

s0rry xpandai ngat nk berbahasa dlm BI...saja nak c0ba...

take care!Allah knows U can do it!
bi0r ler org nk kata apa p0n..
mulut org kita xblh tutup~~
~d0aku bersama kalian~


assalamu'alaikum ya ukht filIslam..
mga sntiasa dlimpahi rahmat dan kasih sayangNya.. "when they laughed at YOU".. ingatlah Allah sntiasa bersamamu..jika kamu orang yang beriman.
kamu juga harus berbaik sangka pada mereka. mungkin bukan niat mereka untuk mentertawakan dirimu.. mungkin disebabkan mereka tidak menyangka bahawa kamu punya alasan sebegitu untuk mneruskan pengajian di sana. bukankah selemah2 ukhwah ialah berbaik sangka?

Apapun yang kamu ingin putuskan dalam kehidupan kamu, rujuklah pada Dia, jangan takut untuk bertanya pada Allah..
Apapun yang kamu ingin putuskan, bermusyawarahlah dengan orang tua kamu, nescaya tidak akan merugikan dirimu, kerana redha Allah terletak pada redha ibu bapa..
Pastinya mereka mahukan yang terbaik untuk buah hati mereka,kamu.
Apapun yang berlaku, aku akan sntiasa cuba untuk pahatkan kamu dalam doaku..insyaAllah
dan percayalah,
aku akan cuba untuk terus menyokong kamu.
kerna aku ingin menjadi sahabatmu
di dunia mahupun di syurga sana..


Jzkllh ats pringtn yg diberikn. Yeah, mungkin diorang mmg x berniat cm tu. Hmm.. trima ksh sgt2. Pringtn tu akn ana pahatkn dlm ingtn ana. inshaAllah...

Bout my parents, yes of course they want the best 4 me. cuz they loved me & I do love them so much.
Trima ksh krn sudi doakn ana. Smg keredhaan Dia sntiasa b'samamu. Thnx juga sbb sudi menyokong ana. InshaAllah, shbt di dunia dan dia syurga sana. Ameen..


Kamu kenal aku?


Minx maaf, x... Tp, sy hrgai pe je tegurn dn pringtn yg nk ditujukn utk sy... So, dialu-alukn... InshaAllah.


Basyirah, tak kisah la orang nak kata apa kat nti.Tapi ana yakin nti punya matlamat yang jelas.insya-allah allah akan tolong nti.Ilmu kat mana2 ada tapi tak tentu lagi penuntut ilmu tu boleh capai redha allah.Walaupun dengar "khassah"macam "low class"tapi klu niat kit betul mesti redha allah dapat kita genggam.Mana yang lebih kita nak,mana yang lebih besar?Keredhaan manusia or keredhaan Allah.Moga satu hari nnti bila kita berjumpa ana akan jumpa eorang Basyirah yang berkali2 ganda hebat dari sekarang..Ana akan sentiasa sokong nti.


Jazakillah ats smgt yg diberikn. Ye, "klu niat kita betul, mesti redha Allah dpt kita genggam" kata2 nti tu ana akn ingt slagi mne ana hidup, inshaAllah... Ana pown hrp klu kita b'jmpe 1 hri nnti, ana nk jmpe dgn timah yg b'kali2 gnde hebt dri skrg. Maaf sbb tiru ayt nti . Huhu... Thnx sbb sokong ana. Smg redha Allah itu menjd milikmu, shbhku... Love u lillah, inshaAllah...


seems like u've already know who am I


u've know me...


Who u think I am? A lady with a magic mirror on the wall which is going to tell me who this anonymous is??? Of course I dont know u. U didnt even tell me who u r. But, its ok. Not a big deal...